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We do appreciate your inquiry regarding our needs, and your willingness to assist, please find our current needs below;

  • Groceries:  is one of our biggest expenses every month for the 350 children in all our projects. Contributions such as rice, macaroni, samp, mealie meal, tin beans in tomato sauce, tin fish in tomato sauce, tin tomato and onion, tin vegetables mixed, brown beans mixed(raw), Soya mix, soup mix, any vegetables or fruit, fish or meat or meat off cuts with bones, frozen, the cost to feed the 350 children per month is R 20 000. A cash donation or voucher towards groceries will also be greatly appreciated.

  • Stationery:  Basic stationary needs for all the programmes is:  Powder paint; glue; crayons; cokis, scrap paper; magazines; script books OR a cash donation towards stationery will be appreciated.

  • Educational Equipment: Puzzles, educational toys, beads, OR a cash donation towards educational equipment will be appreciated.

  • Salaries: is one of our biggest expenses, and if we can get sponsors for their salaries it will be greatly appreciated. 

  • Teachers Training: is an essential part of our whole education system for the children, sponsoring a teachers training will be greatly appreciated. Training and transport cost for a teacher is R 10 000 per year.

  • Garden: The cost to sustain the 2 food garden tunnels is R 1400 per month.

  • Toilets: must be rented on a monthly basis to honour our Health and safety certificate. We will really appreciate a sponsor every month to help us pay for it. R 3000 per month.

  • Sandpit sand:  With 140 children the sandpit needs to be topped up from time to time. Cost will be more or less R 1000, quotations can be given. Sand put covers are urgently needed.

  • Bicycles and track: For gross motor skills the children need to learn to ride on a     track.  12 Three wheel bikes are needed.

  • Poles and shade netting at play area.

  • E-pap or a donation towards e-pap (a nutritious porridge for bedridden parents of our children who need to take medication.)

  • A mechanic who can offer advice and affordable services for the Ditshego vehicles.

  • Second hand clothes, crockery and linen.  Please donate your second hand items to us.  We support families in shack fires and do jumble sales in the community to sustain our projects.

  • Renovations at new premises:  There are still venues which must be painted, equipped at the new premises.

  • SCHOOL UNIFORM: Some of our children are not allowed to attend School because the parents can not afford school uniforms.

  • FOOD PARCELS FOR CHILDREN WHO ARE ON ARV MEDICINE: Our children get meals during the week but we noticed that they have to take medication without any food during weekends.

  • For further information please go to contact us






Please help to equip the called.  In the Mooiplaas Informal Settlement many woman are willing to take care of the vulnerable children in the community but they need our support.


PRESCHOOL(140 children)


Since 2008 we are caring for children between the ages of 3 and 6 years old.  Seven women in the Community have received basic training to teach the children and have 20 children in a class.  There is no funding for outings, full time assistants and educational events.  Please volunteer once a month for 2 hours and bring educational outings to the class; invite professional people to visit the class and tell the children about their occupation; assist with pictures, information (we have no electricity at the School cannot google); play games with the children to give teacher a break.


OPEN SCHOOL(44 children)


Primary School children who do not attend formal Schools attend the Open School project.  Literacy and Numeracy classes are given to the children as well as life skill training.  A volunteer who want to assist with this project is welcome any morning of the week from 8h00-12h00.  A volunteer can assist an hour per week or 2 hours once per month.




Six children stay permanently at the Place of Safety.  They need assistance in the afternoon between 15h00 and 17h00 with homework.  Assistance for two hours once a week will be appreciated.  Sport activities or games would also be appreciated.


Taxi transport is expensive for the Place of Safety family and they have to walk a few kilometres to the nearest taxi.  Various trips need to be done monthly.  Three to different medical institutes; there are also trips to the Department of Social Development, Schools and Grocery shopping.  If you are able to assist once a month please liaise with Isabel.



A volunteer who can fetch and deliver donations once a week would be greatly appreciated.

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